Towards a digital single market

EESC opinion: Towards a digital single market

Key points:


  • feels that some excessively restrictive national rules should be revised so as not to impede the development of online distribution of audiovisual works;
  • finds that the substantial saving in distribution costs of digital audiovisual content should benefit consumers as well as guaranteeing an income to authors that is sufficient to allow them to continue their artistic and literary creative work;
  • considers that libraries and bodies responsible for managing audiovisual works should not be encumbered by excessive tightening of legislation to protect copyright. Their role is to ensure access for the wider public;
  • asks the Commission more specifically to make detailed proposals for the multitude of SMEs and SMIs so that they can participate actively in the single market for online distribution of audiovisual content;
  • believes that drawing up a comprehensive, unitary European Copyright Code is a necessary step;
  • wants to avoid unfair terms in contracts where the actual copyright holder cedes the rights to producers/distributors.

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