A Single Market for All (Exploratory opinion at the request of the Croatian presidency)

EESC opinion: A Single Market for All (Exploratory opinion at the request of the Croatian presidency)

Key points


  • is convinced that the future single market can only be based on marrying a sound economic basis with a strong social dimension;
  • believes that a new, integrated and forward-looking approach to the SM in all relevant policies and to removing the remaining unjustifiable obstacles – without creating new ones – must necessarily focus on citizens, consumers, workers and enterprises;
  • considers that major efforts need to be made to raise the level of digital literacy and increase understanding of the risks and opportunities of data management, enabling citizens to take part in forward-looking decision-making processes;
  • stresses that the international dimension of the SM needs to be strengthened in the context of the EGD. Market surveillance needs to be stepped up, to prevent entry onto the European market of products that are illegal or counterfeit, or do not meet environmental, social and safety standards;
  • strongly urges that the European technical standardisation system be strengthened, as this is essential for the single market;
  • calls for consumers' interests to be upheld in the REFIT process, in the digital world and in the safety of goods and services, and for measures to reduce energy poverty and consumption poverty to be stepped up, ensuring access to food products, medicines and essential services for everyone in Europe;
  • considers that fair conditions must be put in place for workers to exercise real freedom to move, establish themselves and work throughout the SM, especially in border regions.


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