Consumers and cross-border possibilities within the Single Market

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EESK:s yttrande: Consumers and cross-border possibilities within the Single Market

Key points:

The EESC considers that there is a need to kick-start discussions on establishing a new approach to consumer policy with a view to 2030 and hopes that the Hungarian Presidency, the other institutions and the social partners will take on this challenge.

The Committee welcomes the Council's approval of a common approach regarding consumer law on 24 January 2011, but is concerned about the subsequent developments in the European Parliament, and therefore urges the Hungarian Presidency to maintain the path set by the Council, ensuring that the final result can restore the confidence of consumers.

In this opinion the EESC makes various specific recommendations regarding the following issues:

• Review of the directive on unfair commercial practices
• Legal instrument for collective action at EU level
• Review of the "package travel" directive and the legislation on air passengers' rights
• Single market in retail financial services
• Digital agenda
• Local cross-border trade.