Sustainable development in the Mediterranean region (information report)

Information report: Sustainable development in the Mediterranean region (information report)

Composition of the Study Group

Administrator in charge: Andreas BERGER / Assistant: Samar KHANAFER


The Mediterranean region will be severely affected by climate change. Increased average temperatures, changing patterns of rainfall and sea level rise will affect water resources, biodiversity, human health, agriculture and tourism. These threats represent extraordinary challenges for governance and call for major efforts to lessen their negative and dangerous effects.

At the same time, countries on the Southern shore of the Mediterranean suffer from high unemployment rates, especially among young graduates and women. Sustainable development and the implementation of green economy policies are therefore all the more important for the Mediterranean region to drive sustained and equitable economic growth as well as inclusive job creation.

In addressing the topic of sustainable development, the Euromed Follow-Up Committee is complementing its previous information report on "Digitalisation and SMEs in the Mediterranean region". Digitalisation can notably contribute to a better management of natural resources and enhance sustainable development.