Programme of the EU - Morocco Joint Advisory Group

  • Adoption of the agenda
  • Welcome address by Moncef Ziani, member of the Economic, Social and Environmental Council of Morocco (ESEC) Bureau
  • Presentation of the EESC information report on trade relations between the EU and its Southern Mediterranean partners by EESC member Thomas Wagnsonner
  • Update on the economic situation in Morocco with a special focus on the tourism sector by ESEC Member Ali Ghannam
  • Presentation and debate on the trade policy review and the perspectives of a new partnership between the EU and Morocco with Jan Vandenberghe, Head of the Trade Section of the EU Delegation to Morocco
  • Adoption of a roadmap for the EU-Morocco Joint Advisory Group moderated by Amine Mounir Alaoui, member of the ESEC Bureau
  • Closing remarks by Violeta Jelić, Co-President (EESC) of the EU-Morocco JAG

Work organisation