The delegation of the European Economic and Social Committee to COP23:

  • Brenda King: Member of the employers & business group, she is currently President of the Sustainable Development Observatory. From 2010 to 2013, Brenda chaired the EU-African Caribbean Pacific subcommittee where she successfully campaigned for 2015 to be the European Year for Development and Cooperation. Between 2006 and 2008, she was President of the EESC’s specialised section in employment focusing on job growth and quality employment. For over 10 years, Brenda has overseen the successful delivery of a youth development programme that has been recognised and awarded in the UK.
  • Isabel Caño Aguilar: Member for the trade unions’ constituency, vice-chair of the EESC’s Sustainable Development Observatory and a Member of the EESC since 2010. A teacher by profession, she is a member of the education section of the Spanish General Workers Union (UGT) and head of the UGT office in Brussels. Her areas of interest are: employment, adaptation to climate change, new skills for new jobs, ‘fair transition’ and renewable energies.
  • Lutz Ribbe: Member for the various interests’ constituency, has been active in the European Economic and Social Committee since 1998. He was one of the main drivers of the EESC’s work on environmental issues and sustainable development areas, contributing as a rapporteur of opinions on the EU action programmes in the field of the environment, biodiversity, resource efficiency, to name but a few. He has been the Director of the Environmental Policy Section of EURONATUR and of its office in Bonn for over 20 years and is vice-chair of the EESC’s Sustainable Development Observatory.