Smart regulation - SMEs

EESC opinion: Smart regulation - SMEs

Key points:


  • supports the Commission's objective of placing smart regulation high on its agenda for action as it has a major impact on companies;
  • reminds all the Commission departments that the SME test is an integral part of impact analyses and the drawing up of legislative texts, and welcomes the REFIT programme which will identify burdens and ineffective measures for SMEs. It also supports the creation, in the long term, of a single independent assessment board operating across all EU institutions;
  • agrees that micro-enterprises should not be given blanket exemptions but rather that a case by case approach, on legislative proposals, should be taken following a thorough impact assessment exercise;
  • asks for a new programme for reducing the unnecessary burden of regulation. It therefore strongly advocates a new mandate for the Stoiber Group until 2020;
  • lastly, asks the Council and the Parliament to limit the administrative burden on businesses when tackling EU legislation policy-making and proposes that Member States exchange best practices in the area of smart regulation in order to avoid gold plating.

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