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  1. Adoption of the draft agenda
  1. Discussion with Mr Helmut Scholz, MEP, rapporteur of the European Parliament's resolution on Ecuador's accession to Trade Agreement with Colombia and Peru
  2. Information from the European External Action Service (EEAS) on the EU relations with the Andean countries
  3. Information from DG DEVCO with regard to EU financial assistance for Colombia and Peru for implementation of the Trade Agreement
  4. Update from DG TRADE on implementation of the EU-Colombia and Peru Trade Agreement (based on the 2016 Commission Annual Report) and Ecuador's accession to the Agreement
  5. Information from DG TRADE about the contacts with Colombia and Peru regarding their respective DAGs, as well as the next annual meeting to be held in Brussels in fall of 2016
  6. Internal EU DAG discussion about contacts with civil society and DAGs from Colombia and Peru, and preparation for the next annual meeting
  7. Discussion about communication of the EU DAG activities, including by means of its website and contacts with other EU institutions and relevant stakeholders
  8. Proposals for future topics for discussion and activities of the EU DAG
  9. Date of the next meeting of the EU DAG and any other business


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