"Dismantling and reconstruction of two green roofs"

The European Committee of the Regions plans to sign a works contract for the dismantling, replacement and renovation of two green roofs on the Jacques Delors (JDE) building, Rue Belliard 99-101, B-1040 Brussels.

The European Economic and Social Committee is also taking part in this call for tender procedure as an associated institution.

The contract will be awarded to the tender offering the lowest price.


  • In order to ensure that this contract is properly performed, the contractor's site manager and project manager are required to have a good command of French.
  • An on-site visit/information session will be organised before the deadline for submission of tenders. Companies are required to attend this site visit/information meeting in order to be able to submit a tender;

Firms that have expressed interest in this contract will receive the documentation required to submit a tender.


Contact: Any expressions of interest in this contract should be sent by email to the following mailbox, including the full official name of the company, its business name, a brief description of its activities, its full address and its VAT registration number (see also the deadline mentioned below).


Friday, August 24, 2018 - 21:59