Completing Europe’s Economic and Monetary Union: The views of organised civil society

The recent economic and political developments in Europe are a wake-up call for our leaders to take swifter action in order to strengthen the foundations of our Union, including the fragile political and institutional architecture underpinning the euro, thus ensuring lasting stability and prosperity for the people of Europe. Work should start as of now on building the missing blocks of a genuine EMU – embracing economic, fiscal, financial, social and political aspects, and including, where appropriate, discussions on a possible Treaty change. In its various opinions on EMU, the EESC has already reached a consensus on specific recommendations on all of these aspects, a summary of which you will find in this brochure.EU Bookshop. All official EU publications. Publications Office of the European Union


Achever l’Union économique et monétaire européenne: Les points de vue de la société civile organisée