Liaison Group Newsletter April 2021

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Since the last editorial, there has been a bit more clarity about the organisation of the Conference on the Future of Europe (CoFoE) and I am happy to announce that the EESC has been given permanent observer status on its Executive Board. This body will oversee the work, process and organisation of the Conference. I am now looking forward to co-operating with the Liaison Group and its member civil society organisations on our contribution to the CoFoE, in order to ensure that the voice of organised civil society is clearly heard at the Conference.

Preparations for the Conference on the Future of Europe have made up a large part of my work as EESC President recently. This Conference is a unique opportunity for organised civil society and citizens to have their say on the future of our Union and to take back ownership of the European project. We should not miss this opportunity! Recent Eurobarometer data have shown that the vast majority of people (92%) across all Member States are calling for the citizens' views to be 'taken more into account in decisions relating to the future of Europe'. That being the case, I was happy to participate in the first three meetings of the Executive Board and am looking forward to participating, on behalf of the EESC, in the official launch of the Conference, which will take place on Europe Day, 9 May.

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