Transparency International EU and Generation Climate Europe partner with the EESC

Transparency International EU and Generation Climate Europe have now joined the EESC's network of European civil society organisations working to shape EU laws

This week, the regional office of the global anti-corruption champion Transparency International (TI) and the youth climate action movement Generation Climate Europe have become members of the EESC' s Liaison Group, a network of civil society organisations. With the two new members, the Liaison Group will now encompass 40 civil society organisations, making it the largest and most comprehensive forum for institutional civil dialogue in the EU.

EESC President Oliver Röpke said: I am very glad to welcome Generation Climate Europe and Transparency International EU as new members of our Liaison Group, a unique platform for a civil dialogue in EU. Their membership comes at the time when the voice of the civil society for a strong, transparent and democratic Europe is more important than ever.

Brikena Xhomaqi, co-chair of the Liaison Group and director of the Lifelong Learning Platform, said: I wish to warmly welcome Tl and Generation Climate Europe as new members of the Liaison Group. They will join the key European civil society organisations in ensuring a dialogue with the EESC and supporting its work. And they will bring great added value on democracy and rule of law.

Generation Climate Europe President, Agata Meysner, said: We're delighted to be joining the EESC Civil Society Liaison Group and continue to strengthen our close collaboration with the European Economic and Social Committee. Youth organisations are a key but underrepresented voice of civil society. Gathering Europe's largest youth-led networks, we will ensure to bring the voices of diverse members of our coalition united with a joint priority of tackling the planetary crisis."

Vitor Teixeira, Senior Policy Officer at Transparency International EU said: We are delighted to be able to expand our network to further European institutions and civil society organisations. We look forward to using this important additional channel for dialogue within the EU as we seek to cooperate on issues that concern us all: civil society, participatory democracy, and the rule of law.

TI.EU is one of the world's most prominent organisations fighting corruption in government producing highly influential tools such as the Corruption Perceptions Index and the Global Corruption Report. Tl EU leads the movement’s EU advocacy, in close cooperation with the 24 national chapters in EU Member States. Its mission is to prevent corruption and promote integrity, transparency and accountability in EU institutions, policies and legislation. By joining the Liaison Group, TI EU will enrich the Group's expertise and perspective on participatory democracy and the rule of law. They will also raise the Group's profile on transparency and accountability of EU legislative process. 

Generation Climate Europe is a coalition of youth networks advocating for stronger engagement of young people on climate and sustainability in the EU. With its 381 national organisations across 46 countries, it unites the largest youth-led networks in Europe around climate and environment issues. By joining the Liaison Group, it will ensure that the voice of the youth is further integrated into the EU's debates on climate action. The EESC has had a fruitful collaboration with Generation Climate Europe over the years, working together on various youth initiatives, such as the Climate and Sustainability Roundtable, EESC's report on structured youth engagement in climate decision-making or the EU Youth Test.

Set up in 2004, the EESC's Liaison Group brings together a large number of umbrella civil society organisations, enabling civil dialogue and promoting participatory democracy. The Liaison Group  provides a unique platform for a structured political dialogue with the EESC. Through the Group and the EESC, member organisations aim to shape the EU agenda and decision-making in areas of shared interest.


TI & GCE join LG