Statement from the co-chairs of the EU Serbia Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) on media freedom in Serbia

Media freedom is a vital component of any functioning democracy. As strong supporters of Serbia's EU accession process with a particular accent on fulfilment of Fundamentals criteria, we hereby express our deep concerns about recent amplified and severe threats on the safety of journalists in Serbia.

We strongly and unequivocally condemn all types of intimidation and harassment against journalists and call on the Serbian authorities to react swiftly and efficiently, by publicly condemning all threats and attacks, and making sure that their authors are adequately held accountable. It is of crucial importance for journalists to be able to exercise their profession in a safe and enabling environment without fear of violence against them or their families. 

Boško SAVKOVIĆ, co-chair of the EU-Serbia Joint Consultative Committee

Aurel Laurenţiu PLOSCEANU, co-chair of the EU-Serbia Joint Consultative Committee