Theatre Navpaky

Theatre Navpaky brings Ukrainian poetry to the YEYS stage 

This year's YEYS event has a real cultural treat in store for its young audience. The EESC is to host Theatre Navpaky that will be performing a show during the closing session of the event on Friday 24 March. The musical performance is entitled "Svit za ochi" (There, out of sight) and directed by Oksana Terefenko.

The play features a compilation of 9 stage songs in Ukrainian with English subtitles. The songs tell stories of young people facing different life experiences in a setting that intentionally mirrors current events in Ukraine.

The idea behind the performance is to look at how emotions are triggered by troubles, showing that people who heroically fight for their freedom are not majestic bronze statues, but ordinary people made of flesh and blood, with their own lives, joys and dilemmas, just like everyone. It offers a unique opportunity for non-Ukrainian viewers to experience Ukrainian culture.

A few words about Theatre Navpaky

The Polish theatre company was founded by actress, singer and director Oksana Terefenko in Gdańsk, in 2012. Its shows reveal the beauty of Eastern culture through classic drama and musical performances.

This cultural activity is a joint initiative between the Employers, Workers and Civil Society Organisations' groups of the EESC in connection with the European Year of Youth. Through this initiative, the three groups emphasise how important it is to listen to young people and to empower them. At the same time, their intention is to showcase the struggle of ordinary people in Ukraine, portraying it in a way that anyone can relate to. Furthermore, this activity expresses the Committee's support and solidarity towards the Ukrainian people.

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