Making the European Green Deal real - harnessing the power of community-led initiatives and local governments – joint event with Ecolise and Iclei

14:30 | Introduction and Welcome

A grassroots perspective on the European Green Deal & beyond: focusing on communities & the local level for the way forward

  • Introduction by the moderator Abdul Otman, ECOLISE
  • Welcome by conference hosts:
  • Welcome speech: Policy maker on EU levels: MEP Philippe Lamberts, Belgium
  • Keynote speech: "Systems change & individual change towards a way of life beyond growth: Why we need it all, now - and why local collective action for sustainability is the missing piece of the puzzle" by science-policy expert: Felix Creutzig, Coordinating Lead Author of the IPCC's 6th Assessment Report

15:00 | ECOLISE #10 Theses campaign

ECOLISE’s vision of transformative local development policies with communities at the heart - and the role of the European Green Deal

  • Introduction by the moderator: Nina Klein, ECOLISE
  • Presentation of the #10theses project manifesto: #10theses Editorial Board members: Ilonka Marselis (Netherlands) & Oscar Mooney (Cultivate, Ireland)
  • Community-led initiatives as laboratories of Transformative Social Innovation: Christian Jonet (Belgium) (Liège Food Belt) & Anastasiya Volkova (GEN Ukraine: Green Road of Ecovillages)
  • Impulse speech: How can EU policies harness the power of community-led initiatives for transformative change locally?, MEP Francisco Guerreiro (Portugal), Member of the European Parliament (MEP), Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance
  • Exchange (Q&A) with participants

16:05 | European Green Deal: a reality on the ground

Making the European Green Deal a reality on the ground: How can we ensure that EU policy frameworks empower cooperation (local green deals) between communities and local governments for a just and green transition?

  • Introduction by the moderator: ICLEI
  • ICLEI & Sustainable Just Cities Platform, ICLEI Presentation
  • Impulse speech: The role of EU initiatives, laws and funding on localisation of the European Green Deal - and the impact of local action by governments and communities on sustainability, Policy maker on EU levels
  • Panel discussion on the state of play with
    • Local governments; Tom Meeuws, Deputy Mayor of Antwerp (Belgium) & Andries Gryffroy, (Flanders/ Belgium)/ European Alliance, Member of the Flemish Parliament, Member of the Committee of the Regions
    • Community-led initiatives: Marie-Hélène Pillot (France), Colibris, Collectif pour une Transition Citoyenne / CTC France
    • EESC member, Piroska Kállay, President of the Permanent group on Sustainable Food Systems (NAT Section)
  • Q&A with participants

17:05 | European Green Deal and European Elections 2024

Outlook on the European elections 2024 and beyond: How can we ensure the support of citizens and local governments for a strong and localised European Green Deal beyond growth?

  • Introduction: ECOLISE member
  • Impulse speech: proposed topic: My political vision of a “European way of life” - a good life within planetary boundaries - beyond growth, Policy maker on EU levels: MEP
  • Panel discussion: How to mobilise democratic support for a changed economy beyond growth and for a sustainable way of life - hand in hand with systemic change
    • Policy maker EU levels
    • EESC member, Maria Nikolopoulou, NAT Vice-President
    • Representative of local authorities, Andries Gryffroy, (Flanders/ Belgium)/ European Alliance, Member of the Flemish Parliament, Member of the Committee of the Regions
    • Representative of Community-led initiatives, Oscar Mooney (Cultivate, Ireland) & Erika Zaraté, Resilience Earth
    • Youth activist: Maria Serra Olivella, co-founder of Fridays for Future Barcelona (EU Climate Pact Ambassador, Global Youth Council European Representative @earth_uprising) (Spain)
  • Q&A with participants

17:55 | Closing / Hosts