European Consumer Day 2021

Digital and green transitions: contradictory or complementary? The consumer viewpoint

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The EESC has been organizing its European Consumer Day since 1999.

This year, the event took place on 10 December and focussed on the following theme: “The digital and ecological transitions: Contradictory or complementary ? The point of view of consumers”.

In making their choices, consumers cannot always take into account the digital dimension and the ecological dimension at the same time. A young consumer who would be tempted to replace his mobile phone every year to keep up with digital developments cannot at the same time take into account the environmental impact of the transport of devices often coming from Asia.

How can we ensure that the digital and ecological transitions complement each other without hampering each other? How can we ensure that EU policies for these two transitions are not contradictory, but support each other?

The event included expert interventions, as well as inspiring testimonies.

For any questions, please contact: INT Section Secretariat.

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