Risk management / security of the supply chain

EESC opinion: Risk management / security of the supply chain

Key points:


  • considers it vital to take a common approach to customs risk management and security of the supply chain in order to ensure uniform, non-discriminatory application of EU customs legislation;
  • is extremely concerned that the orientation and application of the customs union is still uneven, which is preventing efficient and effective customs risk management;
  • recommends that common technical standards and rules be developed to ensure uniform implementation of high-quality risk management at all points along the EU's external borders;
  • stresses the need to ensure the full interoperability of the various databases that operate within the European market surveillance system in order to ensure real-time information-sharing between the various authorities at the different levels;
  • calls for an overhaul of the system of governance here, comprising all national and EU authorities, agencies and EU warning and information systems.

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