Liberal Professions 4.0

EESC opinion: Liberal Professions 4.0

The EESC is of the opinion that:

  • even though liberal professions are already very successful in using digital and artificial AI applications for the benefit of their clients they must also be able to identify and gauge the dangers arising from the use of digital technologies;
  • patients and clients must be able to have trust in professional services being delivered under the provider's own responsibility on a professional basis and independently of outside interests;
  • professions must consistently ensure data protection and defend it against third parties;
  • the EU needs secure digital infrastructure in order to avert data misuse;
  • liberal professions need to update the content of training in order to ensure their own IT and digital skills and those of their employees are of the highest possible quality standard;
  • the creation of new professions made possible by digitalisation should be encouraged, on the basis of the criteria and principles set out in the Rome Manifesto.

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