The annual Union work programme for European standardisation for 2020

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EESK:s yttrande: The annual Union work programme for European standardisation for 2020

Key points


  • Agrees with the Commission that standardisation is crucial to the strategy for the single market and that it should be constantly updated;
  • Considers that there is an urgent need to modernise the European standardisation system to meet global challenges with an innovative process of cooperation, with a view to the timely development of standards in a fast-changing technological climate;
  • Agrees on the importance of AI for the single market, and considers that the current rules on safety and security should be updated;
  • Calls for minimum environmental criteria to be made mandatory in public procurement, and for the use of secondary raw materials to be included among the criteria to be encouraged;
  • Welcomes the possibility of a new standardisation request on the Internet of things, and rules on cybersecurity, security, privacy and connectivity,
  • Advocates an inclusive approach to standardisation that includes objectives on employability, social rights, and respect for biodiversity and the environment;
  • Calls for European standards to be drawn up in language that is readily understandable by final users, such as SMEs and consumers.

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