Liaison Group Newsletter May 2022

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CoFoE gives the EESC a new mandate to guarantee civil dialogue in Europe

EU Member States celebrated Europe throughout May. It turned out to be a month full of history and, most importantly, a month of celebrating peace and unity. But it was also a month of reflection for European people, institutions, policy and decision-makers. It is particularly important that such reflections are carried out in the light of the extensive report by the Conference on the Future of Europe. A challenging exercise in the middle of a troubled Europe and world, from the health crisis to conflicts and wars on the European continent. 

The Conference on the Future of Europe brought many new, fresh avenues for the future, along with lots of food for thought for the people of Europe, and especially civil society, to work on. It also gave the EESC a new mandate as guarantor of participatory democracy and structured dialogue with civil society. The EESC Liaison Group with European civil society organisations will brainstorm on this new mandate in its upcoming meeting in June.