The societal and ecological impact of the 5G ecosystem

Expert hearing

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The number of live 5G networks has increased significantly in Europe and outside Europe since the beginning of 2019. The result of a 2020 Deloitte study on 5G technology shows that 39% of participants believe that 5G is safe for health, while 21% believe that 5G is harmful, and 40% have doubts.

The European Commission addressed the issue of 5G network security, but focused less on the societal and environmental impact of the 5G technology ecosystem.

The aim of this hearing is to address the EU civil society concerns in line with the citizens' requests for clarification regarding the societal and environmental impact of the 5G technology ecosystem, in particular:

  • identify proposals to improve the legislative framework;
  • reflect on the need to create new safety standards based on cumulative exposure;
  • improve the local planning procedures by imposing new, specific limits on electromagnetic field (EMF) emissions;
  • address the need to educate populations about the overuse of technology and the electromagnetic field pollution generated by both antennas and any portable device connected to the communications network.