A competition policy fit for new challenges

EESC opinion: A competition policy fit for new challenges

Key points


  • recognises that competition policy has helped to preserve and foster the economic prosperity of the EU, which is deeply committed to the principles of the social market economy;
  • welcomes the European Commission's decision to prolong the State aid Temporary Framework stemming from the pandemic. However, these measures are too exceptional for them to be extended to the general framework and therefore become permanent. In 2022, while the Commission has again moved rapidly in adopting a temporary framework in relation to the war in Ukraine, it is imperative to ensure that businesses are actually able to benefit from it;
  • wants to see a competition policy that is particularly geared towards delivering the transitions embarked on by the EU, which will require ambitious trade and investment policies, extraordinary public and private investments, innovation and a well-functioning single market;
  • takes the view that the changes to competition law currently being considered should be assessed in the light of the needs identified in the Commission's work on the 14 strategic European ecosystems.

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