Revision of the classification, labelling and packaging of chemicals regulation

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The Commission’s European Green Deal sets a high ambition for zero pollution leading to a toxic-free environment. One of the first deliverables is the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability: Towards a Toxic-free Environment adopted on 14 October 2020. In order to achieve the objectives of this Strategy, it includes the revision of Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 on hazard classification, labelling and packaging of chemicals (the CLP Regulation).

The CLP Regulation is the core piece of Union legislation for the hazard assessment of chemicals, stemming from the United Nations’ global standard (GHS), and sets out the hazard classification of chemicals and how to communicate those hazards to consumers and workers.

On 19 December 2022, the Commission proposed a revised CLP Regulation and introduced new hazard classes – for endocrine disruptors and other harmful chemical substances – under the CLP to better protect people and the environment from hazardous chemicals.

The revised Regulation will provide more clarity on labelling issues, such as readability and digital labelling, and increase compliance with CLP for online sales of chemicals, hence facilitating business, including for SMEs, and the free movement of substances and mixtures at EU level.

The revision follows the Commission’s Better Regulation provisions. It includes a thorough assessment of possible impacts of potential changes to CLP on the protection of human health and the environment and the functioning of the internal market.