Restoring sustainable carbon cycles

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In 2019 the European Green Deal (EGD) established the ambitious objective of climate neutrality for the EU’s economy, to be reached by 2050. This was further confirmed by the adoption of the European Climate Law that requires that Union-wide greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and removals are balanced within the Union at the latest by 2050, and that the Union shall aim to achieve negative emissions thereafter.

To ensure that the EU economy becomes climate neutral and subsequently removes more greenhouse gases than it emits, various options need to be considered for carbon removal and storage solutions, and for recycling carbon from biomass, waste and directly from air to replace fossil carbon in the production of the fuels, materials and food of the future.

The Farm to Fork Strategy, part of the EGD, establishes that a new EU Carbon Farming Initiative will be launched in 2021, in order to reward climate-friendly farming practices, via the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) or through other public or private initiatives linked to carbon markets. The Strategy also establishes that the Commission will develop a regulatory framework for certifying carbon removals ("carbon credits") by the end of 2022.

On 16 December 2021, the European Commission adopted a communication on sustainable carbon cycles setting out short- to medium-term actions aiming to address current challenges to carbon farming in order to upscale this green business model that rewards land managers for taking up practices leading to carbon sequestration, combined with strong benefits on biodiversity. It looks at the development and deployment of natural and technological carbon removal solutions, in line with the objectives of the EU Forest Strategy, the Circular Economy Action Plan, the EU's Long Term Vision for Rural Areas and the Farm to Fork Strategy.