A sustainable future for European industry

9:30 – 9:35 - Beginning of the day

  • Jennifer Baker, master of ceremonies

9:35 - 9:45 - Welcome Address

  • Christa Schweng, President of the European Economic and Social Committee

9:45 - 10:10 - Keynote speeches:Strengthening Europe's open strategic autonomy

  • Thierry Breton, Commissioner for the Internal Market (video message)
  • Thomas Courbe, Director-General of the Directorate-General for Enterprise, French Ministry of the Economy, Finance and the Recovery


10:10 - 11:15 - Panel debate: Reconciling strategic autonomy with sustainability in Europe's industrial policy

  • Sandra Parthie, rapporteur for the EESC's opinion on Updating the new industrial strategy, EESC
  • Prof. Padmashree Gehl Sampath, Berkman Klein Center, Harvard University
  • Baiba Miltoviča, president of the section for Transport, Energy, Infrastructure and the Information Society, EESC
  • Eddy van Hijum, rapporteur of the European Committee of the Regions on the SME Strategy
  • Carlo Calenda, MEP and rapporteur on A new long-term strategy for Europe’s industrial future, European Parliament


11:15 - 11:30 - Break

11:30 - 12:35 - Panel debate: Unleashing an industrial policy for Europe's green and digital transition: what role for civil society?

  • Daniel Montalvo, Head of Group – Sustainable resource use and industry, European Environment Agency
  • Stefano Palmieri, president of the section for Economic and Monetary Union and Economic and Social Cohesion, EESC
  • Véronique Willems, Secretary General, SMEunited
  • Luc Triangle, General Secretary, IndustriAll Europe
  • Mari-Ann Fonseca, Co-Founder & COO, Gelatex (Green Alley Awards winner 2019)


12:35 - 13:00 - Conclusions

  • Alain Coheur, president of the section for the Single Market, Production and Consumption, EESC

What lessons can we learn from our work this year?

  • Pietro De Lotto, president of the Consultative Commission on Industrial Change, EESC

The importance of sectorial focus to shape EU industrial policy

  • Margrethe Vestager, Executive Vice-President of the European Commission

The sustainable future of European industry


Participants will be able to speak and listen in English and French.



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