The role of industrial policy, anticipation of change and the CCMI in delivering a Just Transition

Workers Group extraordinary meeting

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The Workers' Group is organising an Extra-ordinary meeting on 19th November. The morning session is dedicated to discuss industrial policy, where the GR.2  CCMI delegates will also participate.  The afternoon session of the meeting is dedicated to have a discussion on strategic foresight and how the trade unions can use this tool to advance our priorities. 

The morning session will focus on the industrial policy. In the first panel, there will be a debate on The EU's industrial policy framework: is it fit for 55? The two key note speakers are Kerstin Jorna from DG GROW and Josef Stredula, President of CMKOS.

The second panel is divided into two sessions: one focusing on The CCMI as a strategic tool to deliver on the Workers' Group & European Trade Union Federations' priorities. The second session is an overview of CCMI's work + how to strength coordination across the CCMI & EESC.  Here we want to look at some of the practical aspects of the CCMI's work and how to improve the synergies between the CCMI and EESC, including between our Group II members and the CCMI delegates.

The afternoon session will be dedicated to have an exchange on strategic foresight with the European Commission, the European Parliament and the ETUI (European Trade Union Institute).