Revision of the Directive on intelligent transport systems

EESC opinion: Revision of the Directive on intelligent transport systems

Key points:

  • The EESC welcomes the Commission proposal, which is fully in line with the EESC's recommendations in its earlier opinion on Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems, and sees considerable added value in the proposal with respect to improvements, security, safety and efficiency.
  • The EESC underscores that the deployment of ITS must be undertaken in a broad societal context, considering elements well beyond mere technical aspects, and that failure to do so may have adverse effects, in both sustainability and resource efficiency aspects. In this context, the EESC underlines the importance of devoting sufficient attention and resources to the needs of rural areas, including public service aspects and alternative means of mobility such as walking and cycling.
  • The EESC sees the proposal as a significant step towards a Common European Mobility Data Space, meaning added value through improved efficiency, as well as creating prerequisites for improved working conditions in the transport sector, for instance facilitating compliance with legislation on working and rest times, as well as finding and accessing rest areas.