CO2 emissions - passenger cars and commercial vehicles

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Key points


  • welcomes the Commission's proposals in principle as a balanced compromise between climate, innovation and employment goals, viewing the market development towards zero-emission vehicles and low-emissions vehicles and hybrids as an opportunity;
  • considers the planned interim target for 2025 of a 15 % reduction in emissions compared to 2021 to be very demanding as the required changes are to be made to combustion engines at the cutting edge of technology;
  • expects the Commission to monitor type approvals of new vehicles on an ongoing basis;
  • calls on the Commission to ensure that this structural transition is accompanied by industrial policy measures, as a thorough social and economic impact assessment is lacking;
  • suggests that the mid-term review should examine in 2024 to what extent the climate, innovation and employment goals have been achieved;
  • calls for a mid-term review to include the state of play regarding the qualification and (re)training of staff as well as an updated analysis of the areas in which (additional) action is required;
  • believes that any fines, under both the existing and the new regulation, should be used to support the sector and its workers through the transition towards low-carbon products.


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