Voices of Violence

With the launch of the virtual video exhibition “Voices of Violence” by the Danish Cultural Institute, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) is providing a space where the frightening real-life stories of female survivors of violence can be told and heard, with listening and understanding being the first steps towards action and change.

The project promotes reflection, discussion and dialogue about a prevailing and problematic culture of gender inequality and gender-based harassment. It consists of a series of ten short videos, in which Danish, Estonian, Latvian and Lithuanian actresses give voice to anonymous stories and reveal the marks and scars these experiences have left on women across borders.

The virtual video exhibition is being staged in collaboration with the EESC's Section for Employment, Social Affairs and Citizenship (SOC), and its virtual launch coincided with the EESC's July plenary session, linked to the adoption of the SOC/726 opinion on Combating violence against women and SOC/731 opinion on Gender equality.

Content warning:
This video contains sensitive content that some audiences may find disturbing or traumatising.


Voices of Violences