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MORNING SESSION – Macro-regional recovery and resilience initiatives within the EU

  • 10:00 Opening remarks by the REX President Dimitris DIMITRIADIS
  • 10:05 Keynote speech by the ECO President Stefano PALMIERI
  • 10:20 Macro-regional recovery and resilience initiative for the Adriatic and Ionian
    • Staša MESEC, Lead Project Partner, EUSAIR Facility Point
  • 10:30 Q&A session with participants
  • 11:00 Macro-regional recovery and resilience initiative for the Baltic Sea Region
    • Simon STERMAN, Desk Officer, Council of the Baltic Sea States &Regional Cooperation in the Baltic Sea RegionDivision E21, Northern Europe
  • 11:10 Q&A session with participants
  • 11:40 Macro-regional recovery and resilience initiative for the Alpine Region
    • Christiane BARRET, General delegate of the French EUSALP Presidency
    • Maria Grazia PEDRANA, Coordinator of the EUSALP action groups, AlpGov II project leader, Lombardy Region
  • 11:50 Q&A session with participants
  • 12:20 Macro-regional recovery and resilience initiative for the Danube Region 
    • Michal BLAŠKO, EUSDR Presidency, National Coordinator Slovak Republic, 
  • 12:35 The role of the macro-regional strategies in the resilience of the European economy
    • Jean-Pierre HALKIN, Head of Unit, European Commission (REGIO.DDG.D.1 Macro-regions, Transnational/Interregional/External Cooperation, Enlargement
  • 12:35 Q&A session with participants
  • 13:00 Lunch break

AFTERNOON SESSION - A new macro-regional strategy for the Mediterranean region – encompassing the countries of the Southern Neighbourhood

  • 14:30 Introduction by Ioannis VARDAKASTANIS, President of the Euromed Follow-Up Committee
  • 14:35 Keynote speech by  Dimitris DIMITRIADIS, REX President and Rapporteur ECO/332 - A macro-regional strategy in the Mediterranean
  • 14:43 Keynote speech Ambassador Vesselin VALKANOV, Head of the Regional Cooperation Council in Brussels
  • 14:50 Keynote speech by Klara DOBREV, Vice-President of the European Parliament (Relations with the EESC, replacing the President on Neighbourhood Policy)
  • 15:00 Q&A session with participants and Panayotis PAPANASTASSIOU, Counsellor for Economic & Commercial Affairs, Permanent Representation of Greece, and with Jonathan ENGERER, First Secretary for Mashreq/Maghreb & Middle East/Gulf, Permanent Representation of Malta
  • 16:45 Closing remarks by Stefano PALMIERI, President of the ECO Section, and Dimitris DIMITRIADIS, President of the REX Section