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The role of the EU-Turkey Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) created by the EESC in 1995 is to promote interaction between the economic and social actors of organised civil society in the EU and Turkey.

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EU-Turkey Joint Consultative Committee

The EU-Turkey Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) is a body that brings together representatives of organised civil society from the EU and Turkey. It complements the other bodies set up within the framework of the Association Agreement between the EU and Turkey and enables civil society organisations from both sides to monitor the accession negotiations and initiate debates on issues of common interest. Its members come from various economic and social interest groups.


Joint Declaration of 32nd EU-Turkey JCC


The coal mine disaster in Soma, Turkey, has reached an alarming scale as more than two hundred miners were killed from carbon monoxide fumes produced by the fire that was the cause of the accident. Moreover, the situation of the workers still trapped in the mine is extremely worrying.


Statement - The president of the Workers' Group, Georges Dassis, expresses his solidarity with the Turkish workers