Towards a European Food Policy Council as a new governance model in the future EU Framework on Sustainable Food Systems

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Key points


  • believes that given the urgency of the food system crisis and the need for rapid behavioural change, its call for the creation of a "European Food Policy Council" (EFPC) is more timely than ever;
  • considers that an EFPC would help achieve a more integrated and participatory approach to food policymaking, would accelerate the alignment of policies at EU, national and local levels, would contribute to fostering more sustainable and balanced rural and urban development and, most importantly, would increase the quality and legitimacy of EU food policy;
  • welcomes the announcement of an EU framework for sustainable food systems (FSFS), which will lay the foundations for the systemic changes that need to be made by all stakeholders across the value chain and highlights that the framework should be proposed without delay by the current Commission to address the challenges of food systems in a timely manner as any delay would risk the success of the Farm to Fork strategy;
  • calls on the Commission to commit to the structured engagement of stakeholders and civil society in the new governance of this FSFS, and points out that the idea of an EFPC would adequately fit into it;
  • notes the existence of food-related platforms at local, regional and national levels, but believes that these existing forums are not sufficient to effectively achieve a sustainable and just food system and resilience preparedness at EU level and therefore considers that food democracy needs to be strengthened further and embedded in the food policy process;
  • sees the European Food Policy Council as a science-based, multi-stakeholder and multi-level platform and as an institutional, independent structure, with a potential composition of academic experts and scientists, food supply chain actors, education system actors and civil society organisations, youth representatives and institutional representatives (Parliament, Council, Commission, EESC, CoR);
  •  stands prepared to provide a convening space for the European Food Policy Council.