Permanent Group on Sustainable Food Systems

Addressing sustainable food production and consumption implies not only ensuring security of food supply, but also promoting more environmentally-friendly, resilient, healthy and fair food systems.

Set up in 2012 as the Permanent Study Group (PSG) on Food Security, the Permanent Group (PG) on Sustainable Food Systems aims to tackle the economic, environmental and social consequences of food production and consumption through a more comprehensive policy approach, for example by promoting sustainable agricultural production while ensuring access to healthy and nutritious food, guaranteeing fair treatment of all economic actors in the food supply chain and reducing food waste. This overall objective also reflects the Sustainable Development Goals within the UN 2030 Agenda, which provide a crucial framework for joint action to feed the world sustainably by 2030.

Through opinions, meetings and hearings, the PG facilitates and promotes dialogue among various stakeholders along the food chain (including farmers, workers, food processors, retailers and consumers) on the above-mentioned issues.


Permanent Group on Sustainable Food Systems - Work Plan 2023-2025
End of mandate report 2021-2023 Permanent group on sustainable food systems