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The EESC held a public hearing in preparation for an own-initiative opinion on The EU Youth Test. The event provided an opportunity to learn from the experiences of other Member States that have already implemented similar youth test approaches, as well as to consider youth participation in the context of Europe's future.


Many people take it for granted that they can move around freely and travel spontaneously by using public transport. But for people with reduced mobility, this is often not possible, due to a lack of accessibility arrangements. To discuss these matters, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) has held a public hearing


Dėl valstybės remiamo migrantų instrumentalizavimo, kuriuo siekiama destabilizuoti ES, ir dabartinio karo Ukrainoje, sukėlusio precedento neturintį pabėgėlių antplūdį, reikia peržiūrėti Europos migracijos politiką. Europos ekonomikos ir socialinių reikalų komitetas (EESRK) primygtinai teigia, kad siekiant bendrai reaguoti į pabėgėlių krizes būtinas valstybių narių solidarumas ir naštos pasidalijimas. Kartu EESRK pabrėžia, kad reikia užtikrinti migrantų saugumą ir žmogaus teises.


The EU's Employment and Social Innovation programme (EaSI), a finance instrument intended to promote high quality employment, has strengthened the coordination of action in the areas of employment and inclusion, but its smooth implementation encountered a number of hurdles, an evaluation report drawn up by the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) found.