Revision of victims' rights directive

EESC opinion: Revision of victims' rights directive

Key points


  • welcomes the proposed revision of the Victims' Rights Directive. This proposal can contribute to improving victims' rights and make judicial institutions more efficient and cost-effective in the long term;
  • stresses the importance of the amendments to improve the individual assessment of victims and their support throughout the judicial process. While there should be no hierarchy among victims and types of crimes, some victims may require additional support and protection measures. It is recommended that the Commission develop detailed guidelines with Member States on the different authorities that are to conduct the assessment;
  • recommends providing stronger obligations on the training of professionals on victims' rights and calls on the Commission to develop guidance and quality standards for support. The exchange of best practices on the provision of quality support, including on the training of psychologists and professionals, should be encouraged among Member States;
  • welcomes the right to a review of decisions taken during court proceedings, including decisions on interpretation during court hearings, and calls on Member States to ensure that victims are duly informed on this right and to take measures to ensure that such reviews are taken without delay;
  • welcomes the intention to improve access to compensation for victims;
  • calls on Member States to allocate sufficient funding for the transposition and implementation of the directive, and for the Commission to guarantee that EU funding is strengthened and used to implement it.