Revision of victims' rights directive

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Avizul Secțiunii CESE: Revision of victims' rights directive

The revision of the Victims' Rights Directive aims to ensure that victims' rights are ensured, easier to access and improved for all victims' of crimes throughout the Union. The EESC welcomes this proposal and supports the following: improving the individual assessment of victims' needs, paying particular attention to more vulnerable or marginalised groups; improving guidelines and training so that such assessments are done correctly; enhancing the victim's right to information and having the right to review a decision during court proceedings; strengthening compensation schemes for victims.

Practical information


The victims’ rights directive lays down a set of rights for all victims of all crimes and imposes corresponding obligations on Member States. It states that all victims of crime and their family members are to be recognised and treated in a respectful and non-discriminatory manner based on an individual approach tailored to the victim’s needs. However, there have been numerous concerns about how the directive has been implemented by Member States, particularly the case for victims’ access to information, to support and to protection in accordance with their individual needs. Victims should be able to take a more active role in the criminal proceedings and have easier access to compensation.