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Staffan Nilsson

In these stormy times, improving SME policy is high on our agenda. SMEs are important drivers of growth, jobs and social cohesion but because of the global crisis they face more and more financing constraints.
In 2008-2009, they suffered a double shock: a drastic drop in demand for the goods and services they provide, and, on top of that, a credit crunch. These events have had a serious effect on SMEs’ cash flows and liquidity. Many of them were forced into bankruptcy, thus contributing to record levels of unemployment in many European countries.


Staffan Nilsson`s opening speech at the 5th Froum on Cooperative banks and SMEs

April 2016

Topics: What future for EU SME policy? The outcome of the SME Round Table; Completing EMU; Building a Capital Market Union; The key role of business in EU external policy


The Employers' Group newsletter April 2016

2 pages

This document is the political declaration of the Employers' Group before the European elections. The declaration calls for an open economy – with open markets and fair competition. An open economy must be accompanied by an open society that relies on dialogue and good governance. Europe needs enabling and encouraging policies that stimulate creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. The Group issued the declaration to be vocal about employers' support for the EU.

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