The societal and ecological impact of the 5G ecosystem (own-initiative opinion)

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Sektionens udtalelse: The societal and ecological impact of the 5G ecosystem (own-initiative opinion)

Practical information:

Composition of the Study Group

Administrator: Maja RADMAN, Assistant: Daniel MAKAY

Foreseen for TEN Section meeting: 7 October 2021

Foreseen for EESC Plenary session: 20-21 October 2021

The aim of the opinion is to

  • identify proposals to improve the legislative framework, the agreed and comprehensive legal arrangements to regulate those who will bear the legal responsibility for affecting life or property as a result of exposure to 5G - with regard to both terrestrial or space infrastructure - and sanctions in case of non-compliance with the law;
  • reflect on the need to create new safety standards based on cumulative exposure, which cover not only the power released at a given time but also exposure duration, frequency, bandwidth, frequency modulation, waveform, pulse width and more biologically significant properties;
  • look to improve the local planning procedures by imposing new, specific limits on electromagnetic field (EMF) emissions, depending on the specifics of the area covered (population density and traffic, architecture, potential for radio waves, reflection to sensitive areas, etc.);
  • address the need to educate populations about the overuse of technology and the electromagnetic field pollution generated by both antennas and any portable device connected to the communications network;
  • look at the need to provide information to citizens, including teachers and doctors, on health risks (for adults and children) caused by radio frequency (RF) radiation and on why and how to avoid wireless communications and base stations, especially in or near nurseries, kindergartens, schools, hospitals, homes and jobs.