The societal and ecological impact of the 5G ecosystem (own-initiative opinion)

EESC opinion: The societal and ecological impact of the 5G ecosystem (own-initiative opinion)

Key points

  • The EESC encourages the European Commission to move forward in the process of assessing the multisectoral impact of new 5G and 6G technologies, considering that tools and measures are needed to address risks and vulnerabilities. Accordingly, the EU needs an independent European body, with up-to-date methodologies, in line with the current technological context and a multidisciplinary approach, to establish guidelines for the protection of the general public and workers in the event of exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic radiation.
  • It is recommended that all radio frequency transmission stations and the frequency bands on which they operate be inventoried and this information published for better territorial management and the protection of the interests of citizens, particularly of vulnerable groups. Monitoring and control of electromagnetic pollution must be carried out on the basis of a rigorous interinstitutional and interdisciplinary scientific approach, while the social, health and environmental aspects of 5G need to be continuously monitored in line with the precautionary principle.
  • European capacities for cyber risk prevention, education and protection, should be improved, both by strengthening relevant institutions such as ENISA and by creating technological, institutional and legal instruments to ensure that citizens' rights are respected.