Non-standard employment and platform cooperatives

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In the process of rapid transformation of the economy and businesses, digitalisation has taken on a key strategic role, to the point of becoming pervasive across all sectors of activity, and affecting the entire cycle of the product and service value chain, involving both large companies and small and micro enterprises. The consequences for the world of work, in terms of new opportunities and new challenges, are significant as regards both their nature and the speed of change.

Against this backdrop, "digital platforms" are taking on an increasingly important role, reshaping the infrastructure used for service delivery, marketing and production. They are creating the conditions, on the one hand, for "industrialised" decentralised production processes whereby even very small businesses or individual professionals can engage in mass production, and, on the other hand, for large-scale production operations to be customised into a kind of mass "individualisation" that is bringing about profound changes in the organisation of work.

The aim of this hearing is to further investigate this subject by involving stakeholders.