The Annual Sustainable Growth Strategy 2020 (additional opinion)

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Становище на секция на ЕИСК: The Annual Sustainable Growth Strategy 2020 (additional opinion)

Every year in February, the EESC adopts an opinion on the Annual Sustainable Growth Strategy (ASGS), which the Commission presents usually at the end of November the year before. The Committee works under tight deadlines to finalise the opinion before the March Council discussion on the topic. To reinforce the Committee's impact throughout the entire annual semester cycle, an additional opinion is produced by October taking into account the overall annual Semester process and providing a timely input for the next cycle. This year the EESC adopted its original 2020 ASGS opinion on 19 February. It was adopted before the COVID-19 outbreak so it could not take into account recent developments.

The Semester exercise will be geared towards exiting the current crisis and the opinion is necessary for the EESC to make related proposals. The additional opinion will be presented for the October 2020 Plenary, to provide a timely input to the Commission's preparation of the next ASGS expected again for November 2020. It will therefore target directly the next European Semester cycle at the right political and institutional moment.