EESC statement on the migration tragedy in Calabria

CROTONE, ITALY - FEBRUARY 27: A view of the wreckage of the ship carrying the immigrants on the beach as search and rescue operations continue to find about 20 migrants in Crotone, Italy on February 27, 2023. As a result of the sinking of the boat...

Following the most recent and appalling migration tragedy in Calabria (Italy), the EESC wishes to express its deepest sympathy for the victims and to convey its condolences to their families.
Dozens of people have lost their lives: children, women and men seeking a decent life in the EU.

The EESC calls for realistic, legal and effective mechanisms for labour migration into the EU.
We must acknowledge that the ones to benefit from the insistence on Fortress Europe are the criminals - smugglers and traffickers - who risk people's lives in order to make money.

The EESC believes that the EU needs an effective common asylum system and a realistic migration policy, with legal, safe channels for entry.