2020-02-12 to 14 - The Roma - Mission report from country visit to Portugal

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The High Commission for Migration is the national coordinator of the National Roma Integration Strategy. In the field of housing, very segregated neighbourhoods still persist, along with strong discrimination. Engaging with municipalities and mayors is crucial in order to improve the housing situation. Despite some positive changes over the past 3 years, education remains challenging; scholarships and financial support for students are urgently needed. In the field of antigypsyism, participants underlined the role of media in perpetuating stereotypes and fake news about Roma people. The National Roma Communities Integration Strategy is an achievement, however real dialogue between different areas and stakeholders is still lacking. The question of Roma political representation is crucial, and the involvement of Roma communities in the assessment of the NRIS is fundamental.
The country visit took place from 12 to 14 February in Portugal


The Roma - Mission report from Country Visit to Portugal