System of own resources

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advies EESC: System of own resources

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The Committee welcomes the Commission's legislative proposals asa step in the right direction, as they halve the GNI contribution and compensate for that with two new own resources, one based on VAT and the other on a tax on financial transactions.

The Committee also welcomes the fact that alongside the establishment of new own resources, the document in question proposes a new system of lump-sum payments designed to replace all existing correction mechanisms, although it considers that this does not go far enough.

The Committee considers it necessary to accompany the new VAT own resource with measures aimed at reducing if not eliminating fraud.

The EESC considers that an increase in the European budget is not only desirable but also necessary. The EESC regrets that the text under discussion does not refer to the new own resources in order to address the key issue of budget size. The Committee regrets the fact that the Commission has not used this opportunity to provide financial support to help fulfil the obligations arising from the Treaty of Lisbon, the 2020 Strategy or the need to take measures to stimulate growth.