Digitalising the energy system - EU action plan

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Practical information:

  • Giorgia BORDIGNON (Administrator)
  • Vicentzia NEAGU (Assistant)



In October 2022, in addition to the emergency interventions to tackle high energy prices, the Commission adopted the 'Digitalisating the energy system - EU action plan', a system-wide digitalisation energy action plan that aims to contribute to the EU energy policy objectives by supporting the development of a sustainable, (cyber)secure, transparent and competitive market for digital energy services, ensuring data privacy and sovereignty, and supporting investment in digital energy infrastructure.

The plan highlights how new technologies can help improve the efficient use of the energy resources, facilitate the integration of renewables into the grid, and save costs for EU consumers and energy companies. It further aims to ensure that digitalisation of the energy is fully part of the green energy transition in addition to being consistent with the digital targets for 2030.