Digitalising the energy system - EU action plan

EESC opinion: Digitalising the energy system - EU action plan

Key points

  • The EESC points out the link between the energy transition and the digital transformation, stressing the benefits of digitalisation in terms of energy savings, reduced energy intensity and better management of energy infrastructure.
  • The EESC stresses the importance of strengthening the role of active consumers in digitalisation and of encouraging and entitling them to use as many smart solutions as possible. The tools must be user-friendly, and vulnerable groups and people with disabilities must be in focus: if the social dimension is neglected in the implementation, the transformation risks failing due to public resistance.
  • The EESC underlines the possible risk that new data-driven services and innovative technology solutions are not implemented fast enough if there are not enough skilled workers. The necessary labour market and education policy measures require sufficient financial resources as well as the development of an action plan to ensure a coordinated approach.