Your Europe, Your Say! 2024

More than 100 young people from across the EU, candidate countries, and the UK joined YEYS for vibrant youth consultations. They shared their expectations for the future of the EU and proposed impactful recommendations:

1. Create a youth quota for the European Parliament elections;

2. Approve the directive for due diligence to make human rights and environmental considerations mandatory in supply chains and in companies for transparency;

3. Develop a legal framework for social media to mitigate polarisation and disinformation;

4. Develop a standardised common strategy on sexual and reproductive rights; 

5. Special taxation guidelines for goods and services that are harmful to climate, e.g. luxury goods, and use the money to fund climate-friendly measures.

Their proposals will be passed on to the EU institutions and policymakers, and contribute to the output of Civil Society Week and the EESC resolution on the upcoming European elections.

As stressed by the EESC President, Oliver Röpke, ‘Today’s youth hold the key to Europe’s future. We must listen to their voices, and we must tackle their demands’.

A big thank you to all the participants of Your Europe, Your Say! 2024.

Your energy, enthusiasm, contributions and engagement were the key factors in making the event a success.