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  • Forever the Year of Youth

    In this issue:

    • Our members draw conclusions from the European Year of Youth 2022
    • Guest articles by Noura Berrouba, President of the National Council of Swedish Youth Organisations, and Niall Evans, Chairman of the board of Rural Youth Europe
    • Interview with the new President of the EESC Sustainable Development Observatory Arnaud Schwartz
    • Interview with co-rapporteur Cristian Pîrvulescu on the EESC opinion SOC/724 'Improving equality in the EU'
    Civil Society Organisations' Bulletin - December 2022
  • In this issue:

    • Members' proposals and demands for the European Year of Youth 2022
    • Interview with Biliana Sirakova, EU Youth Coordinator, European Commission
    • Guest article by Silja Markkula, President, European Youth Forum
    Diversity Europe Newsletter - February 2022
  • Image showing the title Liaison Group Newsletter
    • Editorial by EESC President, Christa Schweng
    • Barometer 2021 on participation
    • Time to move forward and build resilience in the disability services sector
    • Guidance documents on improving civil dialogue in the European Semester process
    • Civil society space post-COVID
    • European Citizens' Initiative Forum
    • Prioritising learners' well-being
    • Just Transition Monitor
    • The future of higher education in Europe ...and much more
  • Speaker
    Staffan Nilsson
    Europe's youth is its future. However, many young people do not have a job or lack the appropriate skills. The problems experienced by young people on the labour market are structural in nature and have been apparent for many years, even before the onset of the current crisis. The economic crisis, which we have been experiencing since 2008, has exacerbated the problems of young people. Unemployment in the 15-24 age group is more than twice as high as for the economically active population as a whole and nearly three times as high as among economically active adults.
    Staffan Nilsson`s speech at the New opportunities for young people with structural funds
  • Newsletter of the Various Interests Group of the EESC
    Europe III - October 2013
  • Newsletter of the Various Interests Group of the EESC

    Europe III - April 2015
  • Newsletter of the Various Interests Group of the EESC

    Europe III février 2014
  • Bulletin d'information de Groupe III (en anglais)

    Europe III février 2014