Single market programme

EESC opinion: Single market programme

Key points


  • welcomes in principle the integration of five predecessor programmes (and of the European Statistical Programme, though that extends beyond the scope of the single market) and a number of budget headings into a single market programme, as it can be expected to produce synergies and improve cost efficiency;
  • welcomes the Commission's proposal to devote 25% of available funding to meeting the Paris Agreement climate change objectives, but would like further information about what expenditure is considered climate-related;
  • notes that the volume of work in consumer protection policy is steadily increasing, due not least to the digital transformation. The EESC therefore urges the Commission to further develop cooperation with consumer networks and organisations and to increase funding for consumer protection accordingly;
  • notes that, according to the Commission, funding for the priorities in the new Single Market Programme is set to be around EUR 3.9 billion, i.e. approximately the same level as in the current financing period 2014-2020, but is concerned that the negotiations on the EU financial framework could result in cuts and thus in a lower budget than in the past;
  • welcomes the fact that, in the context of COSME, an additional EUR 2 billion is available under the InvestEU programme and that it is possible to combine funding from other programmes.

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