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Key points:


  • welcomes the communication from the Commission giving great importance to rapid transition to a general e-procurement system;
  • underlines the importance of e-procurement due to the potential benefits stemming from:
    • transparency, anti-fraud measures,
    • market efficiency,
    • the extension of the public procurement market to SMEs,
    • overall savings for public administrations,
    • integration and development of the internal market,
    • modernisation of public administrations and development of the European digital agenda,
    • new opportunities for businesses offering technological services,
    • career development for public administration and company employees;
  • sees the transposition by mid 2016 as a proper and ambitious objective, which can only be achieved if certain conditions regarding standardisation, interoperability and accessibility are met;
  • points out that, in spite of the enormous efforts made, the percentage of e-procurement remains very low;
  • remains strongly critical of the reluctance of some Member States to cooperate;
  • considers that maintaining thresholds hampers the development of the internal market and jeopardises competition on a level playing field.

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